Thai Air Guitar

Sending a Champion to the World Stage

8 pm, July 6th @ Khaosan Comedy Club

The Championship will be held at the Khaosan Comedy Club which is located in the back of the Khaosan Park Hotel on Khaosan Road. Comedy shows are held here daily at 9 pm so you don't have to wait for the Air Guitar Competition to have a great time at this venue.

Khaosan Comedy Club

Competition and Prizes

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Thai Air Guitar

Airlectric Eel

Airlectric Eel Thai Air Guitar

I have been involved with Air Guitar for the past 4 years and am excited to bring Thailand to the world stage.

Fran Chopin

Fran Chopin Thai Air Guitar

I have competed on the world stage and have been involved with Air Guitar for 9 years. I am excited to be a part of Thai Air Guitar Family.

Thai Air Guitar Champion

Thai Air Guitar Champion

This could be you! We hope to see you here.